HEIMISH Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum 55ml

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Whenever and wherever A Mist that soothes your troubled skin Rose mist provides strong moisturization and nourishment supply. 1. Ingredients Comprises of 88percentage Bulgarian Rose, an incomparably larger volume than those of competing brands. Boasts a highly viscous texture with a gentle rose fragrance and impressive hydrating properties. 2. Mist with a skincare function A rose mist held within a serum. Holds a skincare function unlike other mists. A must have product when at school, in the office or any sort of dry environment. Simply spritz for an effective office home skincare routine. 3. Fragrance A gentle Bulgarian Rose fragrance that offers a relaxing effect. 4. Cost effective 5. A fine mist spray A fine mist spray that spritzes equally and evenly on your skin to provide hydration and nutrition. 6. All components given a EWG green grade.